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Even though I communicate with animals about any topic, my specialty is helping to shift behavior issues by helping you and the animal clearly communicate with each other so that each of you knows what the other needs and wants in the relationship. I have assisted in remedying problems, including, but not limited to: excessive barking, bucking, litterbox woes, separation anxiety, fear of loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks, digging up the yard, pulling on the leash, aggressiveness towards other animals, physical issues which lead to behavior issues, depression, trust issues, and general anxiety. 

Please call or text me to schedule an appointment if you think I can be of assistance to you and your animal.
Telephone Sessions: $37.50 per 15 minutes. I am currently only doing phone sessions.

Animal Communication Class
Instructor: Barbara Rawson, Animal Communicator
Johns Island, SC
November 4 & 5
$350, lunch included

Prerequisite: Read Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication by Penelope Smith, available on Amazon
  • Clear and balance the chakras 
  • Learn forgiveness techniques 
  • Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs
  • Learn boundary-setting skills
  • Learn grounding techniques which are the foundation of accurate telepathic communication 
  • Get a good basic set of telepathic skills
  • Practice all of these techniques with classmates 
  • Experience the purest form of communication...telepathy. 


This will be completely devoted to Animal Communication and learning the following on a deeper level:
  • How are they feeling physically?
  • What are they experiencing emotionally? 
  • What do they need? What would they change?
  • What messages are they wanting to share with me? 
  • How do they act as my mirror to help me?
  • What is their purpose with me? How can I help them with this purpose? How do they help me with my purpose?     
We will work with animals here at the farm: horses, dogs, cats, and a goat! Plus, bring pictures of your animals so they can be included in conversations as well!

Telepathic communication is the first language of all living beings. It's our natural ability to sense the thoughts, feelings, images, ideas, and sensations of another being without the spoken word. This innate ability enables each of us to more fully understand what the other is experiencing in life. Through telepathic communication, we open ourselves up to a deep connection with other living b
eings. It is a relationship of heart, soul and spirit.

To reserve your spot, please contact Barbara Rawson at:

Call or text 843.364.2210


How To Heal And Be A Healer
The Art and Science of Healing
Lara Allison, DVM      Barbara Rawson
December 2 & 3, 2017
Johns Island, SC
Early Bird Fee until November 7, 2017, $360

Please join us for an enlightening weekend where you will be guided to understand the science, art, and application of healing. Learn multiple techniques, tools, and methods to access the field of infinite possibility in order to affect change and transformation within yourself and others, on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual plane. Every participant will have the opportunity to receive a hands-on demonstration. There will be multiple practice sessions on each other and on animals.

To sign up for this class, please contact Barbara Rawson at:
Call or text 843.364.2210

Voice Dialogue Workshop

Voice Dialogue
"A technique to discover life through one's authentic self."

Facilitator/Instructor Diane Samsel
Johns Island, SC 
Tuition $295
Lunch/Snacks/Materials Included

Many of our bodily disorders can be traced to energies that are out of balance in our chakras (organ systems). These patterns in us create distinct selves of which we may or may not be aware. These energies can be either under or over-functioning, robbing us of vitality.  When this happens, we are often unable to utilize the power of the upper chakras (communication centers) for our growth and development because the body's energies cannot ground efficiently enough (through the heart) to manage the process for the best possible outcome.  Simply put, when we are out of balance, we do not live up to our best potential.

The work we'll do in this workshop centers around giving a voice to the energies trapped in the body. We'll explore the myriad of trapped "personalities" energetically held captive in our bodies. Through conversation with these "selves", we'll help them resolve their issues and free up their energies for more dynamic expressions in life. 

Please be prepared to bring a personal issue and an important dream to the workshop that you would feel comfortable discussing with the group. The issues you bring do not necessarily have to be with another person; you can be in relationship with an animal that creates these uncomfortable bonds. 

The workshop promises to bring insight into difficult personal matters. It is not psychoanalysis. The process requires the skill of being present and listening. Curiosity and compassion will be your best allies!

Day 1
A. An overview/introduction to the voice dialogue process, an explanation of how the facilitation process works and a review of energy patterns that are held in the self-system  
B. Facilitation using your Astrological Chart and how it pertains to the self-system
C Beginning of the group facilitation process

Day 2
A. Deepening the Understanding of the Voice Dialogue Process
B. Review and revelation
Note: If you have participated in a Voice Dialogue class with Diane before, then she already has your Astrological Chart mapped and on file, and ready for the class. If this is your first Voice Dialogue class to attend, please send your DATE, TIME and PLACE of birth when signing up, so that your Astrologcal Chart can be mapped by Diane. You can find this info on your birth certificate.
Also, all participants are asked to bring a significant dream with them.
Thank you!

Suggested reading: 
Embracing Your Inner Critic by Hal and Sidra Stone

To sign up for this class, please contact Barbara Rawson at:
Call or text 843.364.2210



                      You may call or text 843.364.2210 if you have questions unanswered here.

 *To book me for your event, clinic or a presentation, please call or email me.