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What to do...
If an animal in your family is missing or if you are separated for any reason. 
1. If the animal is lost, the first thing to do is to release any blame, guilt, or fears that you are feeling.
2. Ground yourself by meditating or praying.
3. Imagine the animal.
4. Now imagine that you have a Golden Cord connecting your heart to the animal's heart. 
5. Look into the animal's eyes and imagine what he is showing you. You can send information this way as well.

Very often this technique will lead you right to the animal. (Follow your heart.)
Remember that animals leave for different reasons. Some are in search of an adventure. Some are escaping an uncomfortable energy in the house. Some follow the scent of a deer and just simply wander off too far and get turned around. Whatever the reason your animal is not home, use the above method and your chances of being reunited are good.

It is very important to post large, clear, waterproofed signs everywhere. Extend your search farther than your neighborhood because animals can travel miles! Post on Craigslist and Facebook Lost and Found for your area. Check your local shelters and vets as well.